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Heavier stuff?

Started by xxdarkgeminixx, October 19, 2007, 12:20:33 AM

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signal to noise

Quote from: 마왕 on October 19, 2007, 04:13:04 PM
Most of the above bands aside from Sex Machine Guns , Loudness and Anthem can't be called metal in any sense.

glad someone else knows who Anthem is  :)
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Agreeing with 마왕 about Alahambra, they rock socks.


Forgot these:


I'm sure that I am forgetting more.
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Why no one mentioned Sadie in a thread, started with Gilgamesh reference?
Their dekiai, The Trend Killer and Grudge of sorrow releases are pretty good
also, earlier D'espairs ray is rather nice - check out Born and Coll:set;
Deathgaze are very good, but have rather western sound;
Eight remind me of Gilgamesh sometimes, though they're pretty different.

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Quote from: Karasu on October 19, 2007, 03:20:46 PM
You want heavy? You need to give the band, Boris a try.

Since we're talking about 'heavy' bands...what makes a band 'heavy' in your perspective? Whats your definition of it.

Boris is AMAZING. <3

At any rate , most VK bands attempt to be metal , it's rare to see a actual metal vk band. Not that cheap cop out metal where they have like one or two songs a release that are somewhat metal. Such as Girugumesh and most of these popular bands who are 50/50 pop ballads thrown in , not even real ballads.

X-Japan is hard rock , they were good , but had a slight pop edge to some of thier songs. Kinda like most 80's rock bands. Anthem , SMG , and Loudness rock out and out. A metal band for me is being heavy , mostly heavy , I tend to like death metal more because of the constant guitar work and most death metal guitarists are amazing.

Alot of stuff is deemed metal , that isn't. such as girugumesh , alice9 , ayabie , nightmare , wizard , most vk bands never reach a metal level. Most actual metal bands are not widely known either.

What makes metal for me , is constantly heavy , deep vocals , guitar and drum solos that last more than a min , and the absence of poppy songs in thier disco.

Off-note , it reminds me of how Blue Oyster Cult and Deep Purple were considered Metal a couple of years back.

I also forgot to add Volcano to that list. Volcano is amazing.
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Quotealice9 , ayabie , nightmare

wait lol who said they were metal? o.O i suck at genres and can tell that those aren't remotely metal T.T

well he asked for things that are like i'd go with meth. even though they don't have much out.

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since when is there metal in vk at all? stop listing vk bands you dumbasses >:[


I wouldn't say there's metal in vk, but some vk bands are heavy enough to have metal influences that wouldn't quite put them completely in a 'metal' genre.
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^ yeh, likei wouldnt list sadie or giru etc...

the only bands that might go in as 'metal' are maybe vargeke, /\ucifer etc?

hmm maybe im wrong lolo. i dunno
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a LOT of people confused hard rock with metal.

it saddens me. >__>

LOL @ BOC and Deep Purple being considered 'metal'.


Theres definitely metal in VK. Galneryus, vagerke, Seven Seas and Aikaryu(just to name a few) are all widely accepted as metal bands(though in different subgenres such as power metal) but are visual kei.


i totally forgot about Seven Seas D:


dude, girugamesh isn't metal :\


Nothing personal to any Gilgamesh fans...but they kinda have a poser-ish metal sound. They should stop being pussies and just go straight up metal with their music, instead of half-assing it with their really really poppy choruses :/.

Again, nothing personal to any fans.