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[fs] Kageroou/Psycho le Cemu/Phantasmagoria/D'espairsRay/X Japan

Started by IAmSancho, January 17, 2008, 06:52:34 PM

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Heres a list of what I got. If you want to do a deal, let me know. Shipping is $5 for the first CD, $2.50 for each additional CD (US ONLY), international shipping can be done, but payment must be receved first.

Photos coming later today.


D'espairsRay - Liquidize - Only watched 2 times $35
X Japan Best (US RELEASE) - Promo item, comes with a CD and a DVD. Both mint. $25
Psycho le Cemu - Last Live - 2 DVDs, documentry footage and the last live. Make offer.


Kagerou - Guroushoku - Listened to once, $20
Kagerou - Rakushu - Listened to once, $20
Kagerou - Kagerou - Listened to once, $20

Buy all 3 Kagarou CDs for $50 w/ free shipping in the US (Discounted shipping elseware)

Phantasmagoria - Gensokyoku - Eternal Science [w/ DVD,] - Both CD and DVD are mint, $25

Luna Sea - Mother - CD is in excellent condition - $15

V/A - History of EXTASY 15th Anniversary - Comp. with Luna Sea, X JApan Glay and more - $15