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What would your band be?

Started by 凸(。☉౪ ⊙。)▁▇▀▀▀~~~卍, October 14, 2007, 09:22:02 AM

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I don't understand what I'm looking at. And I can't pronounce the name. But I'm pretty amazed that such a band existed.


Quote from: Naja on October 18, 2007, 12:26:27 AM
Quote from: Vessicator on October 18, 2007, 12:23:12 AM
I always wondered what a band with two bassists would sound like.

check Da'vid/shito:aL

Woo yeah! When I first saw them I didn't know what to think (oh the quilted outfits ._.), but having two bass is a really interesting sound. Their band concept is pretty cool too with the whole Pietoro/Kuro Pie thing.
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O_O interesting topic... and this is my first post. ^^
so many choices - but right now, i think i'd love to make a band out of:

Vocals: Morrie (DEAD END, creature creature)
Guitar 1: ken (L'Arc~en~Ciel)
Guitar 2: Shin (Kagrra,)
Bass: Yukito (Raphael)
Drums: yukihiro (L'Arc~en~Ciel)

band name...? hmmm... i'll have to think about that. XD


my dream band would be Dream Theater with me as the rythem guitarist, but in a more interesting list, it would be:

Vocals: Tama-B - I really like his voice when he isnt singing through his throat. i remember in Galneryus' first album, he did a song where his voice was more high pitched and it sounded really really good.

Guitar 1 (not lead, just 1): Akira Takasaki - I. Love. Loudness.   i truly do. Akira is awesome at writing really intricate guitar parts and can come up with wild songs. i would definitely make him a musical visionary of the band.

Guitar 2: Paul Gilbert- He's not asian, but he has stated that Takasaki is one of his main influences in playing. you can really hear it in early Racer X cds. having him partnered with Akira would make for amazing dual guitar solos and trade offs.

Bass: Tetsuo Sakurai- if you dont know him you aint funky nough to.   He's the most killer of bass guitarists i have Ever Heard.  EVER.........EVER!!!!

Drums: Munetaka Higuchi- This guy is Legend. Pure Legend. he's played with Steve Vai, Ronny James, Billy Sheehan, Char Naoto Takenaka, Tony Franklin, Kyoji Yamamoto . the list goes on and on....  he's a really amazing drummer with so much energy that he could very well power a city. there's no end to his awesomeness....

well, i think thats it.... my dream band in all its glorious......glory......



Vocals and Piano: Gackt
Guitar: Imai Hisashi (Buck Tick)
Guitar and Violin: Sugizo (ex-Luna Sea)
Bass: tetsu (L'arc~en~Ciel)
Drums and Piano: Yoshiki (X Japan)

as for the name...i cannot think of anything..heh

yea, it looks a little like S.K.I.N. yea...but really, i was really hoping for the last two members to be Hisashi and tetsu after the announcement of Sugizo...but i guess, i am not that disappointed after all..h ;D


Mine this very moment would be...

V+G1:  Shuuji (cali gari, lab., la royque)
G2: Kirie (Shinko shukyo gakudan nogod)
B+Cello: Takamasa (ex-deadman)
D: Me or f I'm tired Shinya* W.^V
Theramin: Masami Takeuchi
Keys: Me!
Ocarina: Hizumi (despair'sray)
Bandoneon: Hyde
Marimba: Ryonai (ex-Blam Honey)
Violin: Me!
Viola: Mika (ex-Earl Grey)
(Voice Uhh: LM.C
Voice DOO: All of Daigo Stardust) Haha... punishment.... they will be signed as volunteers so they donts gets no money!....I hate Daigo.
Recorder: kamijyo (ex-lareine)
Trumpet: Koji (ex-supercar)
Oboe: Mana <----eventually will get fed up, two black eyes and an attitude adjustment
Clarinet: Yuina (ex-blast)

We'll release just one big concept in a series of 36 Vinyl over a span of one year. We'll do a stop at every venue in Japan 2x.When you put all 36 vinyl in the right order you can read the story with 3d glasses. And some vinyl will be glow in the dark, come with a condom, a t-shirt, stickers, or something.

We'll be called お化け太郎さん  obaketarousan ghost cockroach
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