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Bad Ebay Seller Alert: krest1k

Started by toneberry, July 10, 2009, 03:38:48 AM

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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up here about a scammer selling bootleg/counterfeit Vkei items on Ebay in the hopes no one else will be scammed like I was.

The seller, Kristina Petrunina from Estonia, Ebay username: krest1k is selling a number of Photo Sets from various bands such as Vidoll, 12012, etc. They all state in the auctions that they are 'Official Original' sets. I bit, unfortunately, and purchased 6 Phantasmagoria sets. What I got were poor quality home-made copies. All 6 sets were scans/laser-prints of the original photo sets and were printed on low grade home printer paper. I have a collection of maybe 100 actual real v-kei indies photo sets including about a dozen of so Phantasmagoria sets, so I know my stuff when I say that the sets she sold me are fakes. Aside from each auction stating that they were "Official and Original", they were also all priced at top-dollar market value or higher. I paid $93 US for all 6 sets. And that was after I talked her down in price a bit. Her original asking price was $17 per set!

Upon receiving them, I politely informed her that we had a problem, that the sets were fakes and asked for a return/refund. She refused saying they were 'officially licensed photo sets from Thailand' which is why the printing process is different from Japanese sold sets! Needless to say I called her on her BS and filed a paypal dispute.

She also listed A "Hizaki DVD" for sale, stating that the winning bidder would 'receive a link to the file so they could download the DVD'. That auction is no longer listed so I'm assuming Ebay yanked it.


Fuck yeah! Get that scammer! That's a lot of money to be ripped off.
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