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Nationality Flags

Started by residentevilrulz, August 07, 2006, 09:28:39 AM

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Could we get the flags back that represented what country we live in? They are not on the new Tonberry for some reason


I second that
I always thought it was a funny thing

I would also like to have some gender-info... its just interesting to know to whom I talk to  ;)


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heh, it's just not the same as seeing that nice colorful little flag


want it too  ;D its absolutly necessary but somehow nice!  :-*

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Yeah, that would be great ^^
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I want it too..
Bring the FLAG!!  ;D
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yah I'd also like to see a flag and male/female symbol.  Like someone else said above; it's nice to know who you are talking to and it's much much faster to look in a thread under people's names then clicking on each name to look in their profile.
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I agree with the previous speakers ;) It would be really nice ^^


I would like to have the flags too.

Please insert them again.


Yes please...
Both flags and gender.
And it would be nice if the info was obligatory to write, because there are so few who write where they're from and gender now, so it doesn't really matter if we go into the profile of the people we want to know something more about, since they haven't written it there in the first place  :P

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yeah if the flag would be a "have to" there is a new stats option ... maybe something like from what country are the most jrock fans XD might be interesting!  ::)