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DJ Sisen and Blood in the US!!!

Started by Hikaru-kun, December 28, 2007, 10:12:01 AM

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OMG! Sisen and Blood in one place! Who's gonna go?


How come they never do this in Japan?


Don't care about dj sisen, club music is not for me.


I like going to potlucks and playing backgammon.
32/M/skate park if u wanna cyber.

Alice the Sister

Both of those ego-tripping assholes can fuck them selves. Go back to Japan.

Ugh, how I count the ways I abhor thee, Blood and DJ Sisen.


SiSen sucks E. Coli-infested shit. BLOOD is just funny.


I like Sisen's image... never heard any song of blood, but as soon as it helps promote japanese music its ok... i cant go since it is in the US anyway...


lol, why the hate for sisen? Blood has good music from what I've heard as well. I feel bad for them because they are playing at a place called "Sam's Burger Joint" in San Antonio Texas.. I picture a bunch of redneck cowboys who've only heard of Japan from WWII and making fun of/being rude to them. That would really piss me off



Quote from: Vessicator on January 06, 2008, 12:07:43 AM
sisen is more image than music.
Well... he is just a DJ... how much "music" a DJ can actually make of his own anyway? Good that he's got a cool image so people actually want to See him.. thats what he is really selling, but I agree he is much of image.. cant speak about his work that much since I really dont pay attention at what a DJ may be doing... XD
I guess he earned lots of people-s hate lately... this is not the first place I see negative comments about him =/


DJ's make a lot of music. At a club, people care more about the music a DJ is playing than his outfit. Because when you're dancing with others around you, do you really have time to look at the DJ?


Well, SiSen hardly ever DJ's anyway.. he just dances with everyone else usually.




I went and then when they were doing the last live it was a great show but too.... rave Sam's is a very small club imagine drinking at a table and pretty much five feet in front of you there's a band playing their heart out for you.
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