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oshare kei

Started by Culo, August 26, 2007, 02:56:15 AM

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Do you like oshare kei?

LOVE IT. I only listen to it.
2 (2.9%)
fucking HATE IT.
17 (24.3%)
LOVE IT. but occasionally i listen to other kinf of bands.
5 (7.1%)
I can listen to both oshare and non-oshare bands equally.
32 (45.7%)
I ignore it.
14 (20%)

Total Members Voted: 69


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They're censoring our words again?  >:(

signal to noise

correct me if im wrong, but Ayabie is oshare right?

because they really have the potential to ditch the schoolgirl outfits and be a sick band.
OOOOO a.k.a. MUGEN album


Quote from: Culo on August 26, 2007, 02:56:15 AM
Hi.. I've been noticing that lately there's a LOT of oshare kei bands forming.
I know it's.. natural, it's what sells more, since it's not a secret most VK fans are teenager girls who also listen or used to listen to the backstreet boys and the like, but I think it's kind of scary the amount of oshare stuff that's been appearing since the past few years.
Now, I love some VK bands but I know the scene is not something to be proud of, and while I will defend the bands I like, I'll be the first one in critisize what I think puts VK in shame (for instance, the fandom).
Anyway this is not in the flame pit so it's not intended to offend anyone, if you like oshare kei, I'd like to know why... if it's just because of the looks, if it's because you fantasize with marrying the members or just two of them having a gay relationship, if it's because you like pop music with a bit of guitars, or what.

I'm still pondering.. for now I'm between "I hate it" and "I ignore it".


I like HeaRT because of "Endroll"  it's nothing special but I like that song as for the rest of oshare meh....
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Actually I don't care too much for Oshare. I don't hate it at all, but it's just not my type of music since I'm simply not a "happy" person. My life is pretty stressful and most of the time I feel tired and burned out, so I just can't imagine listening to Oshare anymore.

I remember listening to Ayabie and even AnCafe back in the day, but that was when I still had an optimistic view on things and tried to be "NYAPPY" n' shit... just to fake it.

So I guess it's not a question if to hate or love, instead you should ask yourself if it fits your taste.

[BTW I absolutely HATE Oshare-kei! I HATE these squeaky voices! I WANT TO KILL all the faggotry that comes from the gay band members! I want to hang them upside down and cut their throats!!]  :o