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Things you guys want me to add to the site

Started by DO, August 10, 2007, 06:27:27 AM

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Quote from: wtfuxeric on August 11, 2007, 07:09:44 PM
Please take this karma thing down. People take it way too seriously. I have gotten anonymous negative karma and I have know idea what I have done wrong. Is it because I didn't re-upload that Metis Gretel PV?

-6 is nuthin!


I think the karma system should be taken away since some lame users(you know who you are *coughgewaltcough* seem to like spamming certain users with negative karma. And what is this about inactive mods? I do more than my share.. just not like... power-hungry overmodding.


In my opinion those rating thing isn't really necessary , so if it would be removed I wouldn't miss it ^^" (besides it leads to "negative-karma-spreading", like it was also mentioned by some other users)
anyway, I would like to see country flags as well, because it gives some information onto the different kinds of cultures who are active/registered (xD) here...oh and maybe a share ratio, like in the old days, which possibly could increase the seeding activity of some users (me included xDD"")

btw, it's nice that you are working on a new layout ^^

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I'd nominate myself for mod. I come by once a day to see if anything quality was uploaded and read the threads , may not comment a whole lot but yeah.
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Quote from: 마왕 on August 12, 2007, 03:07:55 AM
I'd nominate myself for mod. I come by once a day to see if anything quality was uploaded and read the threads , may not comment a whole lot but yeah.

I vote for you! You're definitely one of the more maturer members on here. Don't know if that means much coming from me lol, but you gots mah vote  ;D

Oh, and I also don't see the point to this karma thing. It doesn't really serve a purpose besides causing people to get into hissy-fits over their negatives. I mean if you don't like someone enough to purposely smite (I love that word!) them all the time, knowing that it won't have any effect whatsoever, isn't it better to just PM them and express your hatred or go take it to the Flame Pit? o.o

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i agree actually with the removing karma system, *even tho it puts masik and lovetrick in their place* xD. its still a bit pointless. also go country flags! :D
and go new mods!also maybe a new layout deifnately, its a bit tedious to navigate... ALSO a better torrent system / forum, like....u go into torrents...then theres 6 subsections. it gets a bit confusing...i dont know how to make it better though.

Also maybe add some more subforums (like batsu) like styling/fashion sections ....itll needto be moderated though.. we dont need another batsu.

just some suggestions
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If people want a Batsu, they'll go to Batsu.

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yeh. thats true

hmm maybe we can add some things that batsu have on here too, cos alot of people here dont like batsu so they dont go.

eg the style/fashion forum
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Yes, the karma thing is a bit annoying as long as there are some users who make use of it without the slightest bit of common sense.


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Well done, DO ;)

And where are the country flags?


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ramrod - Man of ur wetdreams

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