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Started by mithredath, June 19, 2007, 01:05:04 AM

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*timid wave*

I actually forgot that I had an account registered here, what with my umpteen forums that I seem to be accumulating. Anyways...hi. -Technically- not new but sorta newish.

I've known about JRock for a little bit but unfortunately, due to a horrible net connection in the past I wasn't really able to dive in as deep as I wanted to and only relied on whatever recommendations my ex would make, which mostly consisted of stuff from anime soundtracks and such. Not much variety and while fine and dandy, seemed lacking to me.

Thanks to our dear Yumeko and a yummy new high speed connection, this past year has been heaven for me. I have been exposed more and more to JRock, have found more hardcore bands to appease my rocker appitite and now I'm officially obsessed. Yay! Go me!

Bear with me as I'm still a JRock newb and all that, so I'm not going to pretend that I know all about it or what-have-you. In fact, I welcome any suggestions for new bands and such anyone might have. I like information. I eat it like candy. So feed me!

I know a few bands but so far the ones that have stuck with me are as follows...

D (hiroki...I will molest you someday....mark my words. *end fangirlism*)
The GazettE
X-Japan and hide
alice nine.
Hyde / L'arc en Ceil
Buck Tick

Bands I know of and like a few of their songs but don't classify them as my favorites...yet.

D'espairs Ray
-Some- Gackt

I'm sure there's others but I can't remember them now and I'm getting rambly, so I'll stop now while I'm ahead. Toodles.

凸(。☉౪ ⊙。)▁▇▀▀▀~~~卍

*shoves dick in her cock slot*

welcome :D

some other popular bands are.

psycho le cemu
rentrer en soi

thats just a small starter for you, try them all ^^

BTW NEVER LISTEN to a band named aile. Everyone that has listened to them have now got raisin tits and their pussy now resembles an arse hole.
ramrod - Man of ur wetdreams

Do As Eternity 6

welcome *throws a cookie at you*

i'll be back with recommendations later'z movie time *runs*

EDIT: i'm backs but before i begin are you looking to stay in the vk area or are you looking to try a bit of this and that?

静かに 朝日は私の影落として 
明日は 逃げずに そこにあるのか
-"rumble fish" Do As Infinity


Hiiiiiiiii  Well you've already heard my recomendations.
drawing by me...


you like Hiroki from D? check out his former band Aioria, a band that didn't really last long but pulled out a full album that's a real gem, "Kirameyuku toki". Aioria's music tend to be fast peaced, hard-rock with tons and tons of intricate melodies backed up with cool synths.
If you like Aioria I'd also recommend BABYLON, this band is leaded by the ex-Aioria guitarist Misa who composed all the Aioria songs. They're still active since 2004 and have a lot of stuff out (singles, albums, DVD's), they're my favorite active band, and it's one of the few bands that keep an original, trademark sound nowdays, so it works if you get tired of the clonic sound of most VK bands.
Fag who reads


Ooh yah some of those bands I've heard, some I've been meaning to check up on but haven't gotten around to it yet. -that- sounds intriguing.I like powerful music.

As far as what I'm looking for....I have a very eclectic taste in music. So a bit of this and than will do. I really like VK and some harder rock but I like other stuff too. I'll listen to pretty much anything once.

And yes Yume....I've already listed some of your suggestions. :P It's -your- fault I'm hooked on D. No that that's a bad thing, mind you. *grin*


Get Hizaki Grace Project~!


Angelo, Pierrot I would recommend them to you~ Also Kaya and Hora -Schwarz Stein.



Blam honey
delta ark
eliphas levi
like everyone the lists are long
Livin' like a bug ain't easy