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Started by Quorthon, May 03, 2007, 03:10:22 PM

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please delete all the torrents on the tracker and let people reupload them WITH A RATIO SYSTEM!!

ffs only 8 out of every torrents is actually seeded...there are mostly 0 seeders on 3465346 leechs.

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there needsto be a ratio. on jpopsuki for example. there were 3 seeders. i was getting 100kb/s between them., over here a torrent with 10 seeders and 15 leechers  gave me 20kb/s max. :\
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A ratio would be good, but I think the problem is that many people don't want to seed past a certain time. If we had more people, the leeching would be staggered and therefore the seeding would be too...


So mod, what are we going to do?


Why not have a ratio system that doesn't punish bad users, but rewards good users.
Give >2.0 users or common uploaders things like
1. Request section (the current request system is flaky)
2. Advanced torrent browser

By the way, are those 2 sections really needed?
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They mostly crosstalk about the same things.

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The forum and the tracker should be intergrated as one. Simple Machines has to have a plugin/module to do just that.

Make the torrent ratio show up on the users info when posting , or in the userinfo. Less people would probaly leech if thier ratio was public.
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this is my suggestiion here..

well yeah,i agree to ratio system too but although they finished download and exceed to the limit ratio,of course they will cancel for seeding. isnt this just a waste method?

you should lock torrent/ddl forum for noobs that are under 30/40+ posts. this is a very good method. :)

i see that ddl forum is more suitable here than torrent. well,what i can say is im more into supporting direct download links :)  :)

i love tonberry torrents  :-*