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[REQ] hysteric - goe / 声

Started by kyogasuki, February 16, 2010, 05:27:42 AM

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I've been looking for the lyrics to the song 'goe' by hysteric for months.  I've tried picking out lines from the song to search on google in both romaji and kanji, but still nothing.  Granted, finding ANYTHING on them is difficult, but you would think there would be SOMETHING x.x  I've included a link to the song (mediafire) if anyone wants to try their hand at it (or even part of it).  Also, I am really not picky in what format it is in.  If you have them in romaji, great -- kanji is no problem, though.

Please help T.T

Link to the song:
Everyone, please continue uploading and seeding! Hopefully the forum can become lively again~!