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Visual Kei items for sale/trade - Vidoll/Kaya/D/12012

Started by toneberry, October 06, 2008, 06:04:01 PM

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Vidoll Fan Club Magazines Vol. 1 and 2 - $15 each
Vidoll Cloud CD/DVD - $10
Vidoll Making of Shutdown DVD - $10
Vidoll Blue Star CD - $10
Vidoll Blue Star Promo Poster - $10

Kaya Glitter Promo Poster - $10

D Concert Poster $10

12012 Taiyou (version B) CD w/postcard - $10

All items are in mint/new complete condition. I can provide photos upon request.

If interested in any of the above, send me a PM. I accept Paypal from USA residents only. Buyers from outside the USA welcome but must pay via USA cash sent via mail. Shipping fees determined on individual basis.

I'm mainly looking to sell these items but there are a few items I would consider taking in trade such as: Kaya Kaleidoscope single, 2nd Effect and Gille'Cadith Live House distributed CD's. Phantasmagoria Subjective Or Ideal CD/DVD, Phantasmagoria Matoi singing CD, Phantasmagoria and Vidoll 'making of' DVD's, Kisaki Beyond The Kingdom book/DVD, D fan club magazine vol. 4. I am also looking for photo sets, promo posters, flyers/chirashi for many bands as well. Let me know what you have!