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Torrents or Direct Downloads

Started by DO, July 28, 2006, 12:15:54 AM

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What would you like more and why?

Direct Downloads


Quote from: ARCH☆ゾンビ on April 15, 2007, 06:41:56 AM
I mean really , what is the VOB.torrent?

Just click on it and you see all files included. So no problem with that. (Although I must admit that at first sight the title is a bit meaningless. ;))

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yeah , i can do that , but it's still un-organized. I shouldn't have to click it , it should be properly titled. =o
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Do As Eternity 6

^ lol i was wondering the same thing >.< wtf?!?!?! is the VOB torrent...VOB's of what?

and yea when songs are uploaded seperatly in direct downloads it annoys me >.< my connection is kinda slow and since people usually use sendspace you can only download one thing at a time so it ends up taking me waaaayy to long to d/l an album.

I voted here along time ago but i voted for torrents, as long as there are seeders i think it's more efficient, at least for me.

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Alice the Sister

I gave up on torrents here.

I like torrents a lot, as long as their seeded properly and labeled correctly. And for god's sake, don't upload a zip file as a torrent. That defeats the purpose.

I really like direct downloads. I think that's where the zipped folders should go. I don't do this, but for some people maybe you could upload 1 sample song, and then upload the zip file. Usually, I feel that a wiki link and a youtube link will suffice.

Each method has its positives and negatives. There's a time to use torrents, and then there's a time to use direct downloads.

Do As Eternity 6

^ very true and i like the idea of having a sample song or a youtube link or smth =] i think i will start doing that next time i upload smth.

静かに 朝日は私の影落として 
明日は 逃げずに そこにあるのか
-"rumble fish" Do As Infinity


I would love to go back to the good old time with a lot of torrents and no, or at least not many direct downloads!
Maybe it would be a first step to reduce the number of members at least a little bit...