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Started by baka_neko, July 14, 2007, 07:03:43 PM

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Welcome to the serious business music discussion forum! I'll be your dictator friendly mod for the duration of this flight~ There are a few rules I'd like to get out of the way first.

  • This forum is for music discussion only so no requests or download posts(although you're free to discuss/link to posts on the download forum)
  • As this is a serious music discussion forum, try and keep the flames to a minimum. If there there are any completely trolled posts, don't be amazed if they magically disappear. Not saying you can't post negative comments about a band, but do it in a professional manner atleast(ex. no "xxxx band sux lol")
  • To keep this forum tidy and easy to use, the format will be one topic per band. This doesn't need much explanation I hope.. it'll keep us from having like 15 concurrent gazette topics. So if the band you want to discuss isn't here, make a topic with only the band name in the subject.

Enjoy your stay and um.. happy posting or somethin.

Alice the Sister

We are allowed to posts topics that just aren't about bands though right? For instance, if we wanted to have a serious in-depth conversation about some style of Asian music or something we could do that right?



Yes, that would be fine I suppose.