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X Japan, overrated?

Started by ♪└|∵|┐♪└|∵|┘♪┌|∵|┘♪, March 04, 2008, 01:02:40 AM

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So, do you guys consider X Japan some "super extra holy BEST EVAAR band" that no one should laugh at or just another band (even though they were really influencial)?


They're not my favorite band; but I agree they were majorly influencial.  that link was pretty funny ^_^  LOL at the second Toshi's hair.  But the third guy sounded just like him.
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HOLY SHIT the second one was GOLD man i died laughing xD

to be honest i think they are overrated by most people even though sure they were very influential. I actually don't even really like X-japan that much and i always get scared to even say that around a bunch of other J-rock fans because it's like some kind of crazy taboo or form of blasphemy. I don't belittle the fact they were influential but i wish people would stop putting them on some kind of godly level D:

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Yeah, and also seems like not liking them is such a crime.

I think they are overrated as hell. Of course they were influential, I would not deny that fact, but in musical terms, they weren't something spectacular. Just some kind of speed/power metal turned into incredible long soppy ballads in their latests years.

And I really hate the hide fandom. Not because of him, but the really annoying fans. C'mon, all those who claim themselves as hide fans were like 6 when he died...

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i still havent listened to much music by this band. they havent been able to really grab my interest like Luna Sea or Buck-Tick has. but hey, I.V. is a good song.
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The Only two X songs I deal with anymore are Scar and Endless Rain. I used to love them back in the day when i had a bunch of vhs live shows. Used to sit around and watch Seikima , X , B-T and for some odd reason La Mule shows.

I like X live , but not studio ( even though Dhalia isn't bad ) . They are very overrated , still they are a part of history. They , for me , are right up there with Hide. I'm not sure why people would die over them to this day.
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I do like some of their songs, but overall I always felt that musically-wise they just sounded like an average 80's hair metal band. Irrespective of their influence I never understood why many jrock fans adore them so much. And Toshi's voice sounds rather mediocre to me.

Same goes for hide's solo stuff. He may have been a g.o.o.d guitarist and g.o.o.d-looking, but most of his songs are plain boring, and he wasn't a memorable singer either.

Overrated??  Hell, yeah!!



They were huge in Japan but they were and are still really overrated. Sure they had some very good songs (but also some bad ones XD) and were great on stage but they were your average metal band of that time. I don't even think they've been influencial music wise...




X Japan was awesome and you guys are all fags. "Oh i'll look so cool to say that one of the most influential japanese bands ever is overrated."
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Quote from: MY BABY DADDAY P-GWIDDLES on April 02, 2008, 10:34:52 AM
X Japan was awesome and you guys are all fags. "Oh i'll look so cool to say that one of the most influential japanese bands ever is overrated."

Try harder.

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Quote from: MY BABY DADDAY P-GWIDDLES on April 02, 2008, 10:34:52 AM
X Japan was awesome and you guys are all fags. "Oh i'll look so cool to say that one of the most influential japanese bands ever is overrated."

even though i dont know X Japan that well, i have to agree with this. chances are if you're on this forum, most of your favorite bands exist because of X Japan. i hate how its the fucking fad to hate the biggest bands. fuckin losers. its like the same thing as people hating U2 because they still make platinum albums and Bono does all this world awareness shit, and somehow they are douches?
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I like X Japan.

Still, I DO think they're overrated.

So I couldn't care less about the fact you think this is some kind of attention whoring thread just to be badass

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There is a difference between overrated and hate I think Signal. I like X , I find myself listening to them once in a blue moon now , but I think my days of liking them alot are gone. I've moved on which I seem to do with music and find new stuff. I might listen to them tommorow or whatever. I think looking back , and thinking about other bands that were out at the time , or other groups that were equally good , X wasn't all that and a bag of chips.

I'm suprised people don't think B-T is overrated. I know thier last album didn't go over too well with alot of people , I know alot of reviews state that B-T is running out of material and everything else you can think of. I still love B-T to death , I've sunk so much money into owning about 90% of thier cds , dvds , band merch etc.... I just don't listen to them as much anymore , not like I used to.

I don't like X studio wise , aside a few songs. I did like thier sound live though , they project well ( like rammstien and Funker Vogt ). Thier live sound was amazing in my opinion. People just move on I think , that's probaly why alot of people think they are overrated. Thier era is over , not alot of people are going to go back and listen to older music.

As for the U2 thing , I don't think they are overrated , I just don't like them sound wise. I'm sure the are excellent musicians and people ( I give props to anyone willing to help out the world community in any way ) , but sound wise they are not my cup of tea. Now calling a band douches for no reason , that's kinda retarded , but people will do that.

Everyband that makes it and people know about it will influence other bands , so they will become a father figure to new bands , so X may be legendary in that respect but they hayday of X is over and people are going to think like that.
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