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Judging the music by the pictures you see?

Started by Alice the Sister, March 01, 2008, 06:46:26 AM

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Alice the Sister

Do you ever judge the music? Do you touch the music gently, and realize that it's a bit bumpy for this ride? In short, do you give everything a try, or does something about the pictures/OHP have to "grab" at you.

I'd say looking at the pictures/OHP will usually dissuade me. Cause I know if I had seen pics of Metronome or Codomo A beforehand, I wouldn't have given two shits. Same with certain other bands who look really really retarded so you lump them in there with, "Stereotypical trashy dark" or "too cute to be good" types of stuff.


I'm the same way.  Pictures either totally work to a band's advantage or do the exact opposite.
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assuming this thread is what i think its about, i usually go by this rule:

if a band cannot dress themselves, they obviously cannot write good songs.
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Alice the Sister

This is a serious thread, but I still attempted for some lulz, since I knew certain words would be changed.


Usually, I don't even look for bands pics before downloading their music.


I don't always know what the band I'm listening to looks like,
but usually you can tell a lot about a band by their fashion.
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Now i don't really judge bands by their looks. however, in earlier times i did and it worked against them D: case in point VK... i wouldn't listen to it because i thought they looked like freaks. Obviously i changed my mind about that ... so yea. After that i try my bestest not to judge by looks anymore even though i'm sure there are times when i still do it even subconsciously D:

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^Some years ago, I wasn't really interested in vk, because, as you said, they looked like total freaks, and I found them quite ridiculous.
But I changed my mind when listening to bands like Plastic Tree, MUCC, etc... (even if they aren't vk at all)


Pictures can be quite distracting.
There are quite a few bands I really like where I'm sure I only like them because I listened to their music first without knowing what they look like. Else I might have found them to look too ridiculous to make g.o.o.d music.


I listened to Dir en grey based completely on how they looked. Best decision of my life.

Applying the same thing to other bands has generally not worked.
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OOOOO a.k.a. MUGEN album

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There are a shitload of bands I still have no idea what they look like. I've been listening to alot of them for years though. Ah , I normally dislike what most vk bands look like.

Some pop groups could pass as rock bands if you've never heard them before.
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