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What would your band be?

Started by 凸(。☉౪ ⊙。)▁▇▀▀▀~~~卍, October 14, 2007, 09:22:02 AM

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凸(。☉౪ ⊙。)▁▇▀▀▀~~~卍

OK guys! heres sort of a game...

imagine u made a band. you can choose who will be the vocalist, the 2 guitarists, the bassit and drummer! and u also give it a name! So you choose who's is in it!

My band will be

Vocals: Kousei (GHOST)
Guitarist 1: Közi (malice mizer)
Guitarist 2: Bou (ancafe)
Bassist: Jasmine You (Versailles)
Drummer: Ban (lolita23q)


what would you guys have?
ramrod - Man of ur wetdreams


that intersting!!
let try:
Bassit-Saga(alice 9)
1st guitarist-Misaki(Yaminade)
2nd guitarist-kaname(gossip)

NAME:Black Trantula(the spider)


Name:  ひわい (indecent, obscene)

Vocals: 京 (Dir en grey)
Guitar: ツバキ (Sel'm)
Guitar: 要 (Lagna, GARDEN)
Bass: 時雨 (Gill'e Cadith)
Drums: KENZI (Dead Pop Stars)
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Alice the Sister

we'd be called Lasagna, and thered only be a drum machine and pre-recorded singing from other bands.

Do As Eternity 6

my dream band already exists ^^;;

静かに 朝日は私の影落として 
明日は 逃げずに そこにあるのか
-"rumble fish" Do As Infinity


Vocals: Sui (Metis Gretel) and Miku (AnCafe)
Guitar: Mana
Guitar: Yuana
Bass: J
Drums: Yoshiki

It'd be amazing. Trust me.


任侠ギャンブル (Yakuza Gamble)

voice: Miyabi (from GELLONIMO)
guitar: TORU (from SEX-ANDROID)
bass: Misaki Alcohol (ex-Makaroni)
bass/programming/chorus: Misa (from BABYLON)
drums: Tomohiro Katou (ex-Klein Kaiser)

twin bass madness

Fag who reads


Hmm, mine would be  (possibly the prettiest band XD) ...

vocals: Max/Changmin (DBSK) <-- even tho he's in a boy band; he can pull off the rock look and he can really belt it out.  He has a powerful voice.  And he can pull off a lot of different looks.
G1: Miyavi <-- love him or hate him; I think most everyone would admit he's a great guitarist.  He can also sing, write music, and write lyrics.
G2: Ruiza (D) <-- lively on stage; great guitarist to boot and he can write music.
Ba: Aki (SID) <-- fun to watch :P Good bassist as far as I can tell.
Dr: Rose/Minwoo (ex TRAX) <-- can sing, rap, write music and lyrics, can play guitar, drums, and piano; definitely an asset.  And he's entertaining to watch.

Name: Bellus Atrum

drawing by me...


非難GO-GO > バクチク

Vocals : Tomoya Nagase ( TOKIO ) or Demon Kogure ( SII )
Lead Guitar : Imai Hisashi ( B-T , Lucy , various side bands )
Lead Guitar 2 : Tomoyasu Hotei or Circuit. V.Panther (Yoshikazu Yahiro)
Keys : Toshihiko Miyoshi ( Downy , DJ Krush )
Bass : Tsunematsu Matsui ( Boowy )
Drums : Toll Yagami ( B-T , Toll Yagami & the Blue Sky )

I can't think of a name. =x

non jp
Vocals : Ronan Harris ( vnv , pre-stance ) or Ty Elam ( Videodrone )
Lead : James Hetfield ( Metallica )
Bass : Creature/Ashburn ( Deadsy , new band? ) or Jay Bentley ( Bad Religion in the 80s )
Drums : Brooks Wackerman ( Bad Religion currently )
Keys/Mixing : Geir Bratland ( Apoptygma Berzerk )
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My other band...

Vo1: Gara (Merry) - amazing stage presence and great lyricist.
Vo2: Kim Yoon-Ah (Jaurim) (ex1)(ex2) - female version of Gara.  Their voices would mesh well in duets.  Good stage presence too.
G1: Yuu (Merry) - composes; good guitarist.
G2: Ken (L'arc en ciel) - composes; good guitarist.
Ba: Yukke (MUCC) - good stage presence; plays string bass on
Dr: Yoshiki (X Japan) - composes, plays piano too

Name: Scape Goat

(yes; I know...I'm shitty at making up band names)

drawing by me...


You didn't say we could use keyboards, but I'm doing it anyway. Also, I can't think of a name.

Vocals: Seiji (After Image, Amadeus, Brain Hacker, maybe Moi dix Mois)
Guitar: Hizaki (Sulfuric Acid, Schwardix Marvally, Versailles, etc.)
Guitar: Syu (Galneryus, Aushvitz, Animetal, Valkyr)
Bass: Masaki (Animetal)
Keyboards: Hiron (After Image, Amadeus)
Drums: Speed Star Sypan Joe (Sex Machineguns, Dasein)
Soulseek name: Cactuar


Lets see here

Vocal: Aya (Psycho le Cemu)
Guitar: Bou
Guitar: Bou (he shall be cloned)
Drummer: Bou (once again)

The band name will be スーパーカワイイ

凸(。☉౪ ⊙。)▁▇▀▀▀~~~卍

OMG I HOPE SUPER KAWAII have fanservice!!! itll be bou incest! or...twincest....
ramrod - Man of ur wetdreams


Quote from: asukayakuza1234 on October 15, 2007, 08:18:34 AM
OMG I HOPE SUPER KAWAII have fanservice!!! itll be bou incest! or...twincest....

or tripletcest ;3